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Changing Bets

Keno bets are determined by the current price of the game. The price of the game may be set to $1, $2, $5, or $10 using the arrow buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen. This is the price paid to play, regardless of how many numbers are chosen. However, the price of the game directly affects the payout amounts for any winnings.

For example, if the game price is set to $5, it will cost $5 to play whether you select 1 number, 2 numbers, or however many numbers you choose (up to the maximum). You will notice that the winnings for a $5 game are 5 times greater than the amount won if you played a $1 game. Likewise, the winnings for a $5 game are half those of a $10 game.

Selecting Your Numbers

Simply click on the number you wish to select. A small black circle with a white star in its center will be placed over the number to indicate the selection. You may select as many numbers as you like up to a maximum total of 12 selected numbers. To deselect a number, click on the number again.

Starting The Game

If you have sufficient funds and you have selected at least one number, the START button will light up bright red. Click the START button and selection of the winning numbers will begin by launching small silver balls from the Keno machine. Winning numbers are determined by where these silver balls land. If a ball lands on a number that you have selected, it is considered a "match" and will be marked with a golden star .
A red X will appear when a ball lands on a number that you have not selected.

Payouts are determined the by the number of matches you make, so the more golden stars you see, the better! The status screen in the bottom right corner of the screen will show you how many numbers have matched during this game.

If you have played at least one game of Keno, you can play another game using your previous selection of numbers by clicking the START button again. To clear your previous number selection and begin selecting new numbers, just left click on any number.