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Rules - Payouts - Placing bets

Placing Bets

Video poker bets are determined by the value/ denomination of the coins being played.  The left side of the video poker machine has a small digital coin value display that allows you to select from five different coin denominations.  As you change the value of the coins being played, you'll notice that the number of credits adjusts itself accordingly.

For example: $100 will provide the user with 400 25¢ credits
(100 ÷ 0.25 = 400).  If you increase the coin value to $1, the number of credits drops to 100.

All payouts are made using the coins with the same denomination as those wagered.

The video poker screen displays 3 values:

  • Paid - The number of coins won from the last hand.
  • Credits - The total number of coins remaining in your balance.  This value will adjust according to the coin denomination setting of the video poker machine.
  • Coins - The number of coins to be bet on the next hand, this is equal to the number of coins per hand multiplied by the number of hands being played.

To place your bet before dealing the cards, click the Bet One button to bet one coin at a time.  Each time you click the Bet One button, you will notice that one coin is removed from the credits value, and the coins value increases by one.  Video poker accepts a maximum of bet of 5 coins per hand (balance permitting).  If you have sufficient credits remaining, you can click the Bet Max button to quickly bet the maximum 5 coins on each hand currently selected, or you can click the Play 25 button to automatically select all five hands, bet the maximum 5 coins on each hand, and immediately start the deal.

Click the Cash Out button if you wish to return any coins you have bet to your balance.  This effectively takes the number of coins shown in the coins display, and returns them to your total credits.  The Cash Out button will also reset the number of hands selected to 1.  You may only use the Cash Out button prior to starting the deal.

Starting the Deal

If you click the Play 25 button, the maximum 5 coins are bet on all five hands and the deal begins automatically (balance permitting).  If you choose to bet one coin at a time using the Bet One button, or quickly assign 5 coins to each selected hand using the Bet Max button, you must manually start the deal by clicking the Deal/Draw button.

Once the cards have been dealt, you have the option to hold (keep) any of, all of, or none of these 5 cards (see below).

Any card that is held will be copied to all the other selected hands.  Any card that is not held will be replaced when you draw replacement cards by clicking the Deal/Draw a second time.  When replacing cards, each hand will use its own deck.  You should hold any cards you feel will contribute to the best hands possible.  To hold a card, either click on the card itself, or click the Hold button located just below the card you want held.  Once you are done selecting which card(s) to hold (if any at all), click the Deal/Draw button a second time to draw your replacement cards.  Any card that was not held will be replaced by a new card.  The game is now complete and the resulting hands determine your payout.

Double up Feature

When you receive at least one hand that earns a payout, you may have the option to Double Up.  The Double Up feature is a "double or nothing" proposition whereby you can play a bonus game for chance to double your winnings for that round.  This includes the payout for each hand played this round.  If you win the bonus game, your payout is doubled and you may have the opportunity to Double Up again.  However, should you fail to win the bonus game at any time, you lose all of your winnings for that hand.  Note that there may be a cap on the number of times you may Double Up as well as a cap on the maximum payout earned by this feature.

The double up bonus game is simple.  To start the double up bonus game, click yes when prompted to "Double Up?".  Five new cards will then be dealt after re-shuffling the deck.  The first card, called the house card, will be turned over while the other four cards will remain face-down.  To win the bonus game, you must select one of the four unrevealed cards which you think will rank higher than the house card.  If the card you select has a higher rank than the house card, you win and your payout is immediately doubled.  However, if you select a card with a lower rank, you will lose all of the winnings earned for this hand and the game will end.  If the two cards are of the same rank, you payout will remain the same and you will have the option to double up again or stop and keep your current payout.

If the house card is a 2, you will win with any card except another 2 (where your payout will remain unchanged).  If the house card is an Ace, you must select another Ace in order not to lose all of your winnings.  Be aware that the five cards for the bonus game are dealt randomly from the re-shuffled deck.  Therefore, it is possible that none of the four unrevealed cards are of higher rank than the house card.

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