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Rules - Payouts - Placing bet

Placing Bets:

Slot machine bets are determined by the denomination of the coin being played. The bottom of the slot machine has a small digital display that allows you to select the coin denomination. As you change the value of the coins being played, you'll notice that the number of credits adjusts itself accordingly.

For example: $100 will provide the user with 400 25¢ credits
(100 ÷ 0.25 = 400). If you increase the coin value to $5, the number of credits drops to 20 (100 ÷ 5 = 20).

All payouts are made using the same value of coin used when the slot machine's reels are spun.

The slot machine has 3 digital displays:

  • Coins Played - The number of coins to be bet on the next pull.
  • Credits - The total number of coins remaining in your balance. This value will adjust according to the coin denomination setting of the slot machine.
  • Winner Paid - The number of coins won from the last pull.

To place your bet before spinning the reels, click the Bet One button to bet one coin at a time. Each time you click the Bet One button, you will notice that one coin is removed from the Credits value, and the Coins value increases by one. The slot machine accepts a maximum of 5 coins (balance permitting). If you have sufficient credits remaining, you may click the Bet Max button to quickly bet the maximum 5 coins and start the reels spinning. For each coin played, another pay line will be selected. Selected lines will illuminate the colored lights on the left side of the reels. You are paid for a winning combination along any selected pay line, so more coins played means more pay lines and a better chance of catching a winning combination.

Click the Cash Out button if you wish to return any coins you have bet to your balance. This effectively takes the number of coins shown in the Coins display, and returns them to your total Credits.

Spinning the Reels

If you click the Bet Max button, the maximum 3 coins are bet and the reels will begin spinning automatically. If you choose to bet one coin at a time using the Bet One button you must manual spin the reels by either clicking on the Spin button, or clicking on the slot machine arm to pull it. Both methods will start the reels spinning.

When the reels stop, the final combination determines the payout. You may then bet more coins and spin the reels again.

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