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August 4, 2011

Barcelona and Arsenal hope to reach an agreement soon

Tired of the conflict regarding Cesc Fabregas’ future both clubs want to have a solution by Friday.

By Andrew Hill

For the third straight summer transfer market Barcelona is after Arsenal’s midfielder Cesc Fabregas, situation that has become exhausting for the three parties involved –both clubs and player- and for which they hope to put an end to this Friday, to then be able to focus exclusively in the pre-season.

The uncertainty about Fabregas’ future is being the main distraction for both coaches: on the English side Arsene Wegner wonders if he will still be their captain for the upcoming season, and on the Spanish one Joseph Guardiola hopes that his explicit desire will come true to complete the roster.

Guardiola has been very clear about Fabregas despite not mentioning his name, as he claimed that “there is only one transfers missing and you all know who he is”. No other options are being contemplated by him, after one of his cravings was fulfilled with Chilean Alexis Sanchez signing.

It is the same formula used to bring the Chilean forward from Udinese to Barcelona that the Catalonians are trying to enforce to transfers Fabregas from the Emirates Stadium to Camp Nou. With Sanchez they reached an agreement with the Italian club where € 26 million are fixed and up to € 11,5 more will be added in concept for simple goals achieved, such as a minimum of games played and Barcelona qualifying to the UEFA Champions League each season.

Added together, the price of the 22-year-old player aroused to € 37.5 million, something that Barcelona couldn’t avoid, but that was able to negotiate in several fees, which will make it easier for them to pay. Rumor has it, Barcelona is running on a low transfer budget for second season in a row as a policy to heal the economy of the club.

Besides accepting to reduce his salary he has resisted from being part of Arsenal’s preseason.

This formula is the main obstacle that Barcelona is facing in the talks with Arsenal that doesn’t want to receive the payment in fees. Postures about the transfer fee seem to have been met, since initially the Gunners were requesting € 60 million, but the Catalonians refused to pay more the € 40 million, amount that has been accepted.

In Barcelona they are willing to pay fix fee € 29 million and € 6 million more in variables later on. The € 5 million missing to complete the transfer would come out from Fabregas’ pocket, as he has agreed to reduce his salary in order to play with the club from his city.

Fabregas implication in his transfer is something that didn’t occur in the past two unsuccessful attempts to sign him, something that he understood to be vital for negotiations to reach an agreement. Besides accepting to reduce his salary he has also resisted from being part of Arsenal’s preseason, which adds more pressure to this club to set him free.

His actions have had considerable results, since for the first time in these three years Wegner is visualizing the departure of his star as a reality.

Meanwhile talks among clubs will continue under strict confidentiality, for they feel that the media could be an obstacle for reaching an agreement.

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