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November 15, 2011

Juventus vs. Napoli Scheduled for Week 13

The squads will have to wait until the end of the month to confront

By Camilla Mancini

The game set for the night of Sunday, November 6th between Juve and Napoli was postponed by order of Naples prefecture early that day. As a result of the heavy rain that was causing flash floods all around Naples, the Italian football association decided to postpone the fixture until November 29th.

The Azzurri were going to host their rivals at San Paolo Stadium but the inclement weather, that had by then claimed several lives, was obviously too dangerous for the 60.000 fans that were going to travel to see the encounter. The eventuality letdown the fans from both sites, since they were hoping to get another solution for the match, that was one of the most expected from the 11th week of the Serie A.

La Vecchia Signora fell from the first position to the fourth

The only good thing coming out of this, is that for those players off-duty with the national team it’s going to be a two-week break; after which both clubs will have a couple of games before their own meeting. For Napoli the first one of those fixtures will be on the 19th at home against Lazio and the second on the 27th with Atalanta. While The Old Lady will host Palermo on the 20th and on the 26th will have its own combat with Lazio.

The Blues are currently located on the 6th spot and are considered one of the latent candidates to obtain the 2011/12 Scudetto. Although it’s valid to say that since their October 1st outstanding triumph over Internazionale, Napoli hasn’t been at their best on the last Serie A fixtures, getting a draw, two losses and just one win.

Moreover the Neapolitans’ last Champions League clash with Bayern Munich was going to leave them with only three days to get ready to confront Juve, which contrary to them had seven days. Therefore maybe, instead of meeting the Bianconeri on the original date, the delayed of the match helped Napoli even more. Because with the new date the Zebras will have just one more resting day in advantage, while the Blues still have the advantage of playing on their own field.

On the other hand, Antonio Conte’s club, that is having such a great season, has now lost the lead of the league, remaining as fourth, behind AC Milan (3rd), Lazio (2nd) and Udinese, which for the first time of the year its ranked 1st. To clear up its way back to the peak of the board the Old Lady needs to be constant on their winning strategy; that by the way keeps it as the only undefeated team of the championship with 5 wins and 4 draws.

While Udinese and Lazio hold 21pts each, the Zebras have 19pts on the standings but missing one match. This means that even if the three squads win their two coming games, but Juve also defeats the Azurre on the 29th, the leader position will be for them again.

Of course it won’t be a piece of cake for the Bianconeri to continue triumphing with the next contenders. Palermo has had some bumps on the run but they manage to keep climbing positions. Furthermore, Lazio is fighting really hard to reach the 1st place and has been getting good results, so for both Juve and Napoli is going to be a tough one.

It won’t be any simpler either for the Azzurri to finish without harm the fixture with Atalanta, which is doing quite well on the field at least, that even if it wasn’t for the scandal’s punishment of the 6pts deduction, it would’ve been on the top 5 by now.

So in the meantime the clubs wait to meet each other at Naples, they will have an arduous training at their other encounters and we will be definitively following them, as well as the rest of the shows the Calcio Italiano has to give us.

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