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December 13, 2011

Around the English Premier League – Round 15

The undefeated record of Manchester City reached the end and The Spurs lost the third spot of the standings.

By Camilla Mancini

Some unexpected events came along during the weekend of the 15th round of the Premier. The more noticeable are: the Citizens loss 2-1 against Chelsea and Tottenham’s 2-1 loss with Stoke City. Also important is that as a result from those two fixtures The Pensioners were able to steal the third place from Tottenham. This means that Chelsea is now tied with the Spurs at 31 points on the board, leaving them seven points away from the leader and five from the Red Devils. On the contrary Newcastle keeps falling on the ladder and this time hand over the fifth position to Liverpool. From last week’s top 3, Manchester United was the only club to win during this round, these has made the gap between them and City smaller, leaving them just two points behind.

Tottenham is now on the fourth position, as Chelsea holds to the third with the same amount of points, but with a higher score in the Goal Difference

Clearly the Old Trafford hosts had it very easy playing at home against the Wolves, who have been playing poorly during the whole season. The Dogs have lost more than half of their matches and carry only four victories, obtained on their games with clubs that like them haven’t been able to go beyond the 10th position since round 5. Ferguson was looking relieved to see that the line-up chosen for the weekend worked out, especially for Wayne Rooney, who made quite a comeback after nine encounters with zero goals. The Portuguese Luis Nani opened the scoreboard at 17’ and almost 10 minutes later assisted on Rooney’s first goal, giving a 2-0 lead to the Devils for the first half. When the clubs went back to the field for the second period Steven Fletcher grabbed the chance to score with a centre provided by Jarvis. Immediately the 2-1 pumped up Manchester’ spirit and once more Nani went ahead to score, that time supported by Antonio Valencia, who was present also in the move from Rooney that placed the 4-1.

For the leader of the board was quite different confronting Chelsea on Monday, as the Pensioners have been reinforcing during the last fixtures. First they crushed the Newcastle and stole its place (4th) on round 14 and now with the victory against the Citizens, Chelsea took the third place from Tottenham. The encounter started with Balotelli filling up with joy his site, when he gave them the 1-0 lead within less than two minutes of play, but at 33’ Meireles even things up. Many times it looked like City was about to score again, but at 57’ they were left with ten men and from that moment on Chelsea controlled the match. André Villas sent Frank Lampard in, just in time to charge the penalty at 82nd minute, resulted from Joleon Lescott’s handball and after that there was nothing left to do for the visitors.

Roberto Mancini and his men were feeling frustrated about the final score from this round, mainly for the last goal, because as Mancini indicated the referee should have called a penalty from Chelsea too, when Bosingwa seemed to bring down Silva inside the penalty area. Nevertheless Mancini also admitted that his team had several chances to score and therefore is their fault they ended up losing 2-1. The Citizens are preparing now to meet Arsenal on Sunday, not an easy challenge. On the other hand United will visit London for its fixture with QPR, while Chelsea will go to Wigan. The Spurs will receive Sunderland and must stand firmly if they want to regain the 3rd position.

The other matches from round 15: Swansea 2-0 Fulham; Liverpool 1-0 QPR; Arsenal 1-0 Everton; Norwich 4-2 Newcastle; West Bromwich 1-2 Wigan; Bolton 1-2 Aston Villa; Sunderland 2-1 Blackburn; Stoke City 2-1 Tottenham.

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