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November 18, 2011

Brilliant Spain was defeated by a Brave England

Frank Lampard save the day for the English team

By Camilla Mancini

Last Saturday the 12th, England hosted the current World and European Champions for a friendly match at a crowded Wembley Stadium. Since the 2010 World Cup until their encounter with the Three Lions, the Reds had just seen three defeats (Argentina 4-1, Portugal 4-0 and Italy 2-1), but at it they found the fourth with a 1-0 score.

The English team hasn’t had during the last 4 decades such a great performance on their International career, reaching just the semi-finals at the Euro '96 and the World Cup ‘90; in fact their last international major tournament triumph was on the 1966 World Cup.

Both nations will have another friendly match on the 15th: England will host Sweden, while Spain will travel to Central America to meet Costa Rica’s team

Fabio Capello's men performances were outstanding to even say that through most of the encounter they were equal to their Southern rivals. Although The Reds took control over the ball as expected around the first 30 minutes to torment a bit the English defense, the Spaniards couldn’t really create an opportunity. Certainly it was during the 32nd minute that the first attempt of goal was introduced and it would be a move between Parker, Cole and Lampard, in which the captain made a shot straight into Iker Casillas frame, but the Spaniard goalkeeper saved it.

During the mid-time both parts made some changes on their line-ups. On Vicente del Bosque’s side the three substitutions were done at once, sending in Cesc Fabregas, Juan Mata and the Liverpool’s keeper Pepe Reina, to replace Xavi, David Silva and the captain, Casillas. The Englishmen took advantage of the change the Spaniards had just made and at 49 minutes a free-kick from the left side by James Milner was caught on the air by Darren Bent, who headed the ball to Reina’s post where it bounced, fortunately Frank Lampard immediately saw it and headed it to the bottom of the net.

Lampard was leading his country as replacement of his Chelsea’s partner John Terry and indeed he wore admirably the captain’s armband, achieving his 23rd goal from the 90 international matches he’s played with the national team.

With the 1-0 advantaging Capello’s team, The Red Fury regained possession and started to get closer to Joe Hart’s box, presenting a dangerous David Villa a couple of times. Within 20 minutes to the end the visitors change their football to a more direct style, using Villa and Mata on the sideways to make the right passes to Torres at the centre.

The former Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas, had his chance at the 89th minute, when “El Niño” passed him the ball and with a kick he made Hart reach low to stop it. A move from Villa also reached Fabregas minutes later, but one more time the Catalan lost the opportunity to score.

In other matter, Fabio Capello missed his son's wedding in Milan while he assisted the fixture, but at least he gained one more reason to celebrate. Especially because the triumph is now bringing hope to the English fans, that consider the team to be ready to win the Euro 2012. Even Roberto Mancini, manager of Manchester City, has stated that although Spain is the team to beat, he believes Capello’s job with the Three Lions can make them conquer the title of the European Championship.


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