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DiMeglio Wins with Great Advantage during the 125cc German GP

By Stephen Lars

The French rider Mike DiMeglio managed his third victory of the season at the German GP and he is now at the lead of the World Championship 125cc category. Meantime; the best Spaniard rider was Nico Terol who managed to arrive in seventh position.

At the Sachsenring circuit the Spaniards did not have a good day as Joan Olivé had to withdraw due to mechanical problems while Sergio Gadea retired after trying really hard to conquest the victory.

The world's champion, the Hungarian Gabor Talmacsi (Aprilia), had been the fastest one during practices and therefore started in the best position at the outset formation, but a problem with the clutch caused him to lose many positions, which obliged him to retire arriving at the end of the straight line.

Other drivers whose performances were impeccable were those of; the German Stefan Bradl (Aprilia), followed by the British Bradley Smith (Aprilia), the Italian Simone Corsi (Aprilia) and Spaniard Joan Olivé (Aprilia), along with other Spaniards, like Nicolas Terol (Aprilia) and Sergio Gadea (Aprilia).

From the first lap onwards the race became very tight in the front as the quartet composed by Bradl, Corsi, Smith and Olivé were just within meters of distance of each other maintaining the rhythm during the following laps.

Despite the possibility of a sudden weather change the race progressed as well as the fans’ enthusiasm as nobody wanted to miss one second of the competition. Some of the incidents began during the ninth lap when Joan Olivé suffered the first mechanical upset; he did try to pursuit but lastly he had to withdraw from it completely.

Another driver who very much tried to win the race was Bradley Smith (Aprilia) but he was surprised by Mike DiMeglio who took the initiative and managed to fight during the last laps. Joan Olivé had very bad luck just like his countryman Sergio Gadea who also had mechanic problems with his Aprilia/Derby and had to leave the race; very much the same problem Olivé had to face for which he had to be directed to the pits.

DiMeglio was not match for any of the drivers who despite their good performances no one was able to surpass him. Once the race concluded the world's champion, the Hungarian Gabor Talmacsi (Aprilia) managed the third position but he remains in the same spot in the standings basically surpassing the Spaniard Olivé, championship's leader as well as the French Mike DiMeglio, Spaniard Nicolas Terol (Aprilia), the German Sandro Cortese (Aprilia) and the Italian Raffaele de Rosa (KTM).

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